Everyday Superfood: Jamie Oliver book review

everyday superfood jamie oliver
Everyday Superfood: Jamie Oliver book review Why review a Jamie Oliver book ? If you like delicious food that can be cooked simply at home, you've probably heard the name Jamie Oliver before. If you haven't, let me introduce you: this is Jamie. He's a British born celebrity chef who has recently been using his status to campaign for better food education, better nutrition...
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Starting a weight loss blog: do it right, do it for free

Starting a weight loss blog... Do you imagine yourself as the next famous blogger? Or do you have an amazing weight loss story the world needs to hear about? Perhaps you're considering starting a weight loss blog! And why not. It seems like everyone has their own little corner of the internet these days, so why shouldn't you get amongst it? I started this blog because as a ...
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Fat infused water: what a big fat joke

fat infused water
Just when I thought I'd heard it all, the faddy world of food marketing struck me right between the eyeballs with fat infused water. Yes, you read that correcty: FAT INFUSED WATER. What the heck is that? Fat infused water, marketed as FATwater, is the latest frankenstein invention from Dave Asprey (that guy who invented bullet proof coffee: aka coffee with butter in it, lo...
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Healthy tortilla roll ups: Mexican weight loss food!

healthy tortilla roll ups
Hey there. I  created one of the most delicious dinners I've made for ages the other night, so I just had to share: healthy tortilla roll ups. Mexican food is ideal for weight loss: it's full of zingy fresh herbs and healthy fats like avocado. Go easy on the cheese, sour cream and carbs, and you've got a healthy, tasty, easy meal. Look at all those amazing colors on the p...
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Healthy bacon pasta recipe: almost too good to be true!

healhty bacon pasta recipe
Well it seems like I'm on a bit of a roll with the pasta recipes at the moment! It must be because it's so cold here in New Zealand at the moment, and I'm looking for those hearty, comforting dishes. And what's more comforting than pasta?! However, when we reach for those comfort foods, we can easily pack on the pounds. Rather than missing out on my favorite foods, I like to...
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The non diet approach to weight loss

image by Arya Ziai, CC 2.0, https://flic.kr/p/e68wHv
If you've visited my home page, you've seen my slogan: Enjoy food. Lose weight. No diets. There are so many different diets out there to try, and fail at. You might have experience with different diets, and end up back at square one, feeling frustrated and angry. We know diets just don't work. What if you could lose weight without ever having to diet again? If you coul...
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The best vegan cookbooks: The Revive Series

the best vegan cookbooks
Since I discussed plant based eating in my review of the 22 day revolution diet, I thought it would be a good idea to share some fab vegan recipes with you. While going vegan will definitely help you lose weight, it's a bit extreme and you'd do just as well to include one or two vegan or vegetarian meals in your regular routine. This will help you lose weight, too! I try ...
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Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss: her unbelievable secret

melissa mccarthy's weight loss
Melissa McCarthy. Gosh I love that woman. She's got some mad talent: did you know that as well as being one of our favorite comic actresses, she's also a writer and producer? My favorite Melissa moments are definitely her role in Gilmour Girls, and every cringe-worthy scene from Bridesmaids. So. Funny. Anyway, the marvelous Melissa has been making headlines recentl...
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How many calories in a glass of wine?

how many calories in a glass of wine
We all enjoy a drink every now and then, especially at the end of a busy week, or to celebrate something, or sometimes: just because it's Tuesday. Yep, sometimes we just need a drink! My personal favorite is white wine. I'm from New Zealand, so my favorite is a sauvignon blanc: fruity but not overly sweet. A great summer drink too. When I lost weight myself, the amount of ca...
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Emily’s easy spaghetti bolognese recipe: try it tonight

Hi there, What have you got cooking for dinner? Sometimes we need some food that is comforting and hearty; nothing else will do. Often these foods are high in calories and weak in nutrition (think mac n cheese or fried chicken....mmm chicken). What if you could have something that was comforting and nutritious? We all want to eat food that is quick to prepare. Ofte...
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